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See the FREE Tech Platforms that TCHR Offers. All the apps offer video training which we encourage you to watch, so you can decide if you this particular app is something you’d like to utilize. Click on the cards to find out more!

Wise Agent CRM
We are offering you your own CRM! And by that I mean a CRM you control and you can take with you if you ever want to leave TCHR. This is not mandatory, but it’s a great system and very versatile. You can also easily run FB ads through it. Check out the videos and let me know if you would like to have the CRM which also integrates with Brokermint.

This is mandatory to learn to use since this is where your transactions live and where your documents will be reviewed.
How to connect If you have any questions or concerns or get stuck on anything, whether on a software platform or in video training the best way is to email, the below email address is for all member concerns. That way it’s easy to remember. 

More Programs That are available!

These programs are available to you, some are affiliate links which will give you either discounts, longer time to try things out or some other advantage. Of course you don’t have to use our links, you are free to go directly to the sites and sign up there if you like. 

Listings 2 Leads – you can try this out for an extended period of time with our link. If you like it, you can sign up through the brokerage at a discounted rate of $50. This is your marketing work horse!

Buffini Coaching – We are a Brian Buffini certified brokerage and can offer amazing coaching and training on how to mine your database and generate your own leads.

Click Each One To Learn More!

Additional Support Items Available To You For FREE!

In our brokerage we value Integrity, loyalty and excellence in our personal life as well as in our professional life. We are here to help you and your business succeed in every way! 

Colossians 3:23-24

  • New Agent Training

    Our New Agent training is specifically for new agents with less than 6 transactions in one year. At TCHR we are striving for excellence in our client care. That can only be accomplished if one has mastered the basics of our trade, like knowing how to fill out the contracts, when to use an addendum and when to use an amendment etc.How to get business, time management and so much more! Brian Buffini is one of the best coaches in the real estate industry. He coaching and training is top of the line and has helped lots of agents become very successful. Twin Cities Homes Realty is a Buffini Certified training brokerage and we encourage our new agents especially to make use of that opportunity!

  • Broker Support

    We are a small boutique brokerage and we actually like it that way! It allows us to have a family-like atmosphere and that is what we strive for. Because of that we find it very important that agents can count on their Broker to be available when they need support, no matter if it is work related or even personal at times. Here the broker is available for questions and coaching. We want you to succeed in building and growing your business!

  • ​Training and Education

    New agents or long time agents, we offer training and Education. It is important to stay up to date on developments in the industry but it is also important to make sure we don't forget things. That is why training and education play an important role in being an excellent agent! Since we are a Buffini Certified brokerage, we are offering Buffini coaching and accountability with different courses, like 100 Days to Greatness.

  • Conference Area

    In today's world it is not always possible to meet at a coffee shop with your clients and customers. For those situations you can use the conference area at the office and make sure you and your clients are in a comfortable environment that is also professional. It also gives you as the agent the opportunity to meet with new clients in a safe space and get to know them a little before meeting them alone in vacant homes. Always remember to stay safe!

  • Video Production Equipment

    There are many occasions where video is the best tool to use to get your message out. To promote your new listing, for lead gen, for brand awareness on social media, etc. In order to have the video look good, you need equipment which can be expensive to purchase. At the office we have the things you need, like tripod, lights, etc all you have to bring is your camera/phone and your ideas!

  • Tech Training

    We can help with installation of apps or systems like a CRM you would like to use from the free items or the discounted ones. We also offer training on how to use them and how to connect them with your current system.