Twin Cities Home Realty Step 8: Email


You probably have set up your “…” account. If not, please do so now.

TCHR is requiring all agents to use the email address that was provided to you by TCHR for your real estate transactions. It is also required to add this statement to the footer of your email (after the signature in your signature box). This is for cybercrime and for E&O reasons. You can use any other email for the rest of your communications without this statement, but the email for your real estate transactions needs to contain the following statement:


As an agent for
 Twin Cities Homes Realty, I will NEVER personally send you wiring instructions via email or request that you send personal financial information by email, nor will my company. If you receive an email message like this concerning any transaction involving Twin Cities Homes Realty, a Title Company, Lender or myself, do not respond to the email and immediately contact me at (612) 314-7293 or (612) 345-9070. No matter how authentic the email may seem, call and ask me, regardless of what instructions you receive!!



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