Twin Cities Home Realty Step 7: Coaching and Training


We are very excited to be a Brian Buffini Coaching Certified brokerage!

This is exciting because we can offer this amazing coaching program – 100 Days to Greatness – for our agents.

We are happy to let you know that we as a company have decided to shoulder the cost of that program, so you can learn and benefit your business from being coached by one of the industry leaders. You will pay the $495 for the course and we, TCHR, will reimburse you $100 for the next four closings!

We are happy to talk to you in more detail of how to the 12-week course entails, what is expected and what you will accomplish in that time. If you follow the coaching, you should have 4 more closings on the books before the end of the class. This coaching is not just for new agents, every agent can benefit from the refresher.

Let us know if you would like to have more information about this amazing opportunity.

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