Twin Cities Home Realty Step 13: Referral Plan


2-2-1 Referral Plan:

Just as a reminder that we do offer a referral plan for each agent you bring onboard you will get 2% of their commission for 2 years and then in the third year you get 1% for one year of their commission as long as both of you are with TCHR. It can be a nice extra income maybe for vacations or whatever you can think of 🙂

Phew, you did it!

There is a lot to explore and learn and this was of course just a quick overview. Hopefully this has given you some ideas of systems you can use and how these systems can help you being more productive and save you some time. None of these platforms – with the exception of Brokermint – is mandatory. They are just a collection of systems that we have tried and like and are sharing with you. Of course you are the one deciding if you want to use any of them or not. This is your business and you run it the way you see fit. We are happy to come along side and support you in the goals you have determined for you!

If you would like any training or help with any of these platforms, send an email to and we will do our best to help 😀



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