Twin Cities Home Realty Step 11: CRM



This one you don’t have to use, but it is here for you and it is actually pretty good. Some agents prefer their own stuff but this CRM is available for you to use. I didn’t record any videos for this one because they have recorded a ton of videos on how to use the CRM as well as how use it for your Facebook marketing and how to capture your own leads. Which is really pretty sweet and easy, so you might want to check it out for sure!

The videos a pretty much self-explanatory. You can upload your contacts, they will stay yours! If you decide you want to leave some day (but then why would you? – haha) you take all your contacts with you! I don’t want them – that’s your business!

You can also add as many landing pages as you like and change some things around to your liking though the layout is the way it is. You can set up a Facebook ad with just a few clicks and get new leads. You can also access the CRM on your phone, so you have all the info when you’re on the go. It’s pretty easy to get started. I do suggest that you watch the videos that you can find on the website!




Remember that I am always available for any questions 🙂

If you would like any training or help with any of these platforms, send an email to: and we will do our best to help 😀

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