Twin Cities Home Realty Step 10: Brokermint



I am trying to keep everything as simple as possible, so it makes the transition easier, which is one of the reasons why I am not a big proponent of all decked out software.

There are some people who love to dig into it and play around with their CRM or whatever software and know it inside and out – however the majority of us are just happy when we can make it do what we need and it is helpful for us and doesn’t cost us more time. We want something that’s intuitive and easy and gets things automated enough to where it actually saves us time.

One of those things is Brokermint. This is our transactions management software. This is one you need to learn, I am sorry. However, I think it’s fairly intuitive and with just a little bit of time investment you will have no problems using it.

This is where our transactions live, from the moment you write listing agreement or a buyer rep contract, it will in Brokermint. I have added checklists for all the stages of a transaction to make it as easy as possible. So if you have a new buyer and you had them sign all the docs, upload them under the buyer checklist 1, that will then direct you which checklist you need to upload next. Same with listings. If the transactions falls apart, then change the status to withdrawn or whatever applies. That way we always have all the paperwork together and don’t have to worry about anything in case of an audit. In Brokermint you can also get your docs signed and I even set up some templates for tedious things like the Seller Property Disclosures.

Please take some time to go to My-TCHR, click on the “Training” tab and then go to the “Brokermint” course and start learning. I will add more videos over time. Once you have signed in to Brokermint you will be able to access Brokermint videos.

Remember that I am always available for any questions 🙂

If you would like any training or help with any of these platforms, send an email to                                              and we will do our best to help 😀



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