Time Management, Goal Planning, Business Planning – 6/23/23

This week we are talking about time management and goal planning. Personally I don’t like to make a business plan for the whole year, because things change a lot. It’s easier to plan for six month at a time. That way you can easily adjust time frames, changed expectations and circumstances etc. It is important to have a business plan, but we need to use it more than just writing it and then shoving it into a drawer for it it to never see the light of day again – lol. We are talking about some things here and I am also adding a link for a good overview video of what the perfect time schedule for a full time agent looks like. Tweak it and adjust it to fit your needs, but you probably will find it makes a lot of sense to build something similar out for yourself.

If you want to watch Brandon Mulrenin’s hour by hours listing agents schedule, here is the link https://youtu.be/AdjKunkBZFE



Here is the link to take a look at the whole session for Planning, you will find it in the training library under “Agent Success Training”  https://my-tchr.com/courses/agent-success-training/


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