The Perfect Daily Schedule

Perfect Daily Schedule & Habit Tracker

Use this post to lay down a baseline for the coaching session this week:

  • Give some guidance
  • Get your client prepared for the session
  • Share your relationship with the topic
  • Answer some FAQ’s about the topic

Helpful Links:


Task list this week:

  1. Turn in your ideal daily schedule. (Use download attached)
  2. Turn in your ideal weekly schedule. (Use excel download template attached)
  3. Turn in a list of what you believe your habit tracker should be. (Use the download attached here in the course.)
  4. Describe your ‘End Goal’ and how that incorporates into your schedules and tracker. 
  5. Schedule a Zoom call with me to talk about these tasks, how you feel about it and to discuss your plan.


If you are interested in finding our your DISC profile, you might want to take a look at the website

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