Brokermint Update, Smile Stops, Curbio, ChatGPT – 4/28/23

Here is the recording for our Zoom meeting on 4/28/23.



Brokermint: I am going over some updates in the transaction management system and give you a quick overview of how to start a transaction with a buyer. Spoilers: we now have autofilled forms!

Smile Stops: what is that? Do you need it? How does it benefit you and your clients? Find a short preview of the webinar on how to get 5 listings in 30 days with smile stops. I will post that webinar and the hand outs, so you can watch it if you like. It will certainly help you find some motivation and cultivate your relationships with your SOI. Smile Stop Webinar

Curbio: A great value add for your seller clients! It also helps you find more sellers, even those that would like to sell but have updates that need to happen first and they either don’t have the finances to it or the know how. Maybe it’s an estate sale and needs decluttering first? Or it needs a serious deep clean? Curbio can do many things for your seller! Here I go some of the things that you can offer to your client without them having to come with money out of pocket! The website to learn the details is: 

ChatGPT: How can chatgpt help you in real estate? Here we take a look at ChatGPT: this is a free tool that can help you build out your website, write newsletters, listing descriptions, build community websites and much, much more! I am showing you here a video where Lori Ballen is teaching on how to build a community page for your website with ChatGPT, it is fun, easy and free! Here is the link to this specific video: ChatGPT Real Estate Community Pages you can google Lori Ballen and you will find a plethora of videos that can really help you with your marketing!


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