2) How to set up a Buyer Rep. Agreement

In this video I am going over how to set up a transaction, add checklist, add documents, get documents signed, send emails, submit documents for review, edit tasks and finish the transaction and much more. Due to the long content I have added time stamps below so you can use them if you need to watch only one particular thing.


Time Stamps:

00:00 Create a buyer transaction

06:40 How to add your commission

09:40 Add contacts to a transaction

13:29 Add checklist

16:26 How to use the checklist

18:26 How to use Brokermint e-sign

24:24 Compliance checklist

25:22 Send for signature

27:07 How to upload docs to the transaction – fyi you can not delete tasks. Please “exempt” it instead.

29:29 How to split the doc-  fyi towards the end of the splitting it should have been pages 8 – 8 for buyer disclosures.

33:23 How request an exemption

33:37 How to submit docs for review

34:35 Add buyer pending checklist

35:15 Edit checklist items

37:20 How to send an email from the transaction

39:57 How to use the “activity” tab

42:00 how to use “forms” in the checklist

44:00 How to add a task

45:28 Submit for review

46:44 How to unassign documents

47:33 How to merge docs

49:38 Add closing checklist

50:38 Clear to Pay email – fyi the correct email is: Admin TCHR

55:01 What to do if your docs were not signed in Brokermint

56:12 How to edit transaction info

58:39 Templates

1:00:15 Notifications




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